It's a giant game day!

Belfast Giants play the Sheffield Steelers
TONIGHT at 7PM — Miss it / miss out!

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Can’t Wait To Get Started!

I am getting really excited for the season to start. The team is taking shape and I like the blend of youth and experience we have. The additions of Adam Keefe, Darryl Lloyd and Jeremy Rebek have really improved our team.

Last year, I thought we lacked grit. In signing Lloyd and Keefe, we have added two “gamers.” Each will pay the price to win. I have no doubt that the fans will love to watch them compete. Everyone I spoke to about Lloyd said he has tremendous speed over the ice and that he is the personification of the term agitator.

He will have Keefe to back him up. Keefe is known as one of the toughest pound for pound players in hockey.  I hated playing against him. He is definitely more than just a tough guy. I am not expecting him to score 30 goals but I know he will contribute offensively and be a solid leader. We need players who know what it takes to win.

Rebek will be one of the top players in the EIHL. He is a great power play dman and I have been very impressed with his attitude on the phone. He is excited about his move to Belfast and we are fortunate to have him.

We are very close with our last few players and should have news soon. I am very happy with how our team looks so far.  There is a lot of work to do but I cannot wait to get started!