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Belfast Giants ‘Read’ The Way!


The Tesco sponsored Giants Reading programme aims to promote reading and positive choices with over 2000 children from 40 primary schools across Northern Ireland, but did you know that you can all experience a little bit of it at home now too? A new interactive section of the website has been launched, and you can see the programme in action on

“The Giants role in schools and communities has always been an important part of why this team exists” explains Todd Kelman “we have always had big ambitions for work in this area, and after working with students from the University of Ulster Science Shop, now one of them has become a reality. On the micro site there are pictures to colour in, puzzles to complete and one of the stories is now an audiobook, for children to enjoy anytime”

The new website page came about from two specially written stories and the new Giants Reading Programme. The stories were written by Louise Little the Giants Community Foundation Co-ordinator; called, ‘Just like me’ and ‘Lollipops, for breakfast?’, they are all about the things that Finn Junior learns with the help of his friends Molly and Connor, as he grows up in the Land of the Giants. “The idea was to use Finn to encourage children to enjoy reading, while also learning important messages about diversity and healthy eating. The stories are fun and exciting, which also appeals to parents and supports the aims of teachers too.” said Louise.

Emma Nicholl illustrated the books for key stage one children, while her Iain McAuley and Charlie Clements created the interactive website which provides both animated versions and an audio soundtrack of the ‘Just Like Me!” story.