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Giants Lift League Trophy In Front Of Sell-Out Crowd

Belfast Telegraph journalist Stuart McKinley has been a part of the Giants journey since Day 1 and in Saturday’s newspaper, published an article taking the reader through the long way the Stena Line Belfast Giants have came since their formation in 2000 including the 2013/14 Elite League Championship that the team celebrated on Friday on the Odyssey Arena ice.

Read this small excerpt from the Belfast Telegraph article on the Giants:

“It all started 14 years ago and, despite ups and downs since, this could be greatest ever season. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word odyssey as: ‘a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience.’

How fitting it is then that the Belfast Giants have their home at the Odyssey Arena.The history of the team could be described in exactly the same way. Their 14 years in existence have been peppered with many trials and tribulations. There have been even more triumphs though and this weekend it’s party time for the team and its fans.

The Elite League champions got their hands on the Monteith Bowl after last night’s 7-4 win against Coventry Blaze and this evening the championship banner will be unfurled at the Odyssey to go alongside the seven others that mark Giants trophy successes. What an amazing odyssey it has been…”

Click here to read the full article by Stuart McKinley of the Belfast Telegraph.