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26: Brandon Benedict

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Brandon Benedict
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Brandon Benedict will make it a fifth season in Belfast when he pulls on the teal jersey once again during the exhibition games against the Manitoba Bisons.

Head Coach Adam Keefe has appointed Benedict as a Player/Assistant Coach, adding his experience to the coaching team for the 2017/18 season.

This season is Brandon Benedict’s third season in-a-row with the Giants. Benedict, a 35 year old Centreman from Halifax in Canada, first joined the Giants back in 2009 and helped the organisation to the 2010 Playoff title with a memorable performance in the grand final against the Cardiff Devils.

In his Giants career to date, Benedict has posted 49 goals and 115 assists, good for 156 points in 214 games played.

Playing History

2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP110134
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL 50104913
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS20000
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL 511241014
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS32022
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP126268
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP108156
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL 4418101323
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersEIHL PLAYOFFS20112
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersEIHL 473462026
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP94358
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersChampions HL CUP54213
2013-2014Nottingham PanthersContinental Cup CUP62156
2013-2014Nottingham PanthersEIHL 362492433
2013-2014Nottingham PanthersEIHL PLAYOFFS10000
2013-2014Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP12123710
2012-2013Nottingham PanthersEIHL 5130153146
2012-2013Nottingham PanthersEIHL PLAYOFFS46112
2012-2013Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP1363811
2011-2012Nottingham PanthersEIHL 5342173249
2011-2012Nottingham PanthersEIHL PLAYOFFS40145
2011-2012Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP12105914
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP66011
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL 3020102737
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS20011
2009-2010Belfast GiantsEIHL 4334164157
2009-2010Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP805712
2009-2010Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS410134
2008-2009Fort Worth BrahmasCHL 161651116
2008-2009Fort Worth BrahmasCHL PLAYOFFS161071118
2008-2009Hvidovre FightersDenmark 4138162137
2007-2008Manitoba MooseAHL 10000
2007-2008Texas WildcattersECHL PLAYOFFS48268
2007-2008Texas WildcattersECHL 6143204969
2006-2007Acadia Univ.USports 183271825
2006-2007Acadia Univ.USports PLAYOFFS26213
2005-2006Acadia Univ.USports 2814102434
2004-2005Acadia Univ.USports 2714121931
2003-2004Acadia Univ.USports 261291827
2002-2003Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL 7271265076
2002-2003Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL PLAYOFFS252281826
2001-2002Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL 7199334881
2001-2002Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL PLAYOFFS13451116
2000-2001Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL 6757234467
2000-2001Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL PLAYOFFS612055
1999-2000Halifax MooseheadsM-Cup CUP42101
1999-2000Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL PLAYOFFS1010347
1999-2000Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL 6946193049
1998-1999Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL PLAYOFFS50000
1998-1999Halifax MooseheadsQMJHL 6412181230