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: Ciaran Long

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Ciaran Long
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Playing position
Youth team
Swindon Wildcats


Ciaran Long joined following two successful seasons spent with the Manchester Storm.

The 28 year old arrived in Belfast having been named the ‘British Player of the Year’ in the end of season Elite League awards. In 2018/19 Long posted the highest points total for any UK based player with 29 goals and 36 assists, good for 65 points in 66 games played and 21 points clear of second place.

Long joined the Manchester Storm in 2017/18 from the EPL’s Basingstoke Bison and helped his team to the Patton Conference title. The forward helped the Bison to the EPL title, cup and playoffs during his four seasons there.

Long has also represented Team GB at international level, winning Gold with both U18 and U20 – only missing out on this year’s senior team through injury.

Playing History

2018-2019Manchester StormEIHL 6076253560
2017-2018Manchester StormEIHL Cup CUP65112
2017-2018Manchester StormEIHL PLAYOFFS20000
2017-2018Manchester StormEIHL 5442171835
2016-2017Basingstoke BisonEPIHL 5084333265
2015-2016Basingstoke BisonEPIHL 5688293463
2015-2016Canterbury Red DevilsNZIHL PLAYOFFS20112
2015-2016Basingstoke BisonEPIHL PLAYOFFS34033
2015-2016Canterbury Red DevilsNZIHL 1630172138
2014-2015Basingstoke BisonEng. Chal. Cup CUP507613
2014-2015Basingstoke BisonEPIHL 4594333164
2014-2015Basingstoke BisonEPIHL PLAYOFFS20224
2013-2014Basingstoke BisonEPIHL 2716141125
2013-2014Basingstoke BisonEPIHL Cup CUP46336
2013-2014Basingstoke BisonEPIHL PLAYOFFS44426
2013-2014Slough JetsEPIHL 2734152035
2012-2013Manchester PhoenixEPIHL 32849716
2012-2013Slough JetsEPIHL PLAYOFFS20202
2012-2013Slough JetsEPIHL Cup CUP40011
2011-2012Manchester PhoenixEPIHL Cup CUP22112
2011-2012Manchester PhoenixEPIHL PLAYOFFS48202
2011-2012Manchester MinotaursENL 4207310
2010-2011Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1 22011
2010-2011Basingstoke BisonEPIHL Cup CUP40011
2010-2011Basingstoke BisonEPIHL PLAYOFFS22213
2010-2011Basingstoke BisonEPIHL 39114151530
2009-2010Slough JetsEPIHL Cup CUP22202
2009-2010Slough JetsEPIHL 5171192140
2009-2010Great Britain U20WJC-20 D2 512156
2008-2009Swindon WildcatsEPIHL 4838151732
2008-2009Great Britain U20WJC-20 D2 54415
2008-2009Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2 5186511
2008-2009Swindon CougarsEngland U18 68161026
2007-2008Swindon WildcatsEPIHL Cup CUP84112
2007-2008Swindon WildcatsEPIHL 3924819
2007-2008Swindon WildcatsEPIHL PLAYOFFS44112
2007-2008Swindon Wildcats 2ENL 312134
2007-2008Swindon CougarsEngland U18 10100142236
2006-2007Swindon Wildcats 2ENL 410224
2006-2007Swindon CougarsEngland U19 104416218
2006-2007Swindon WildcatsEPIHL 314123
2006-2007South West U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP42000
2006-2007Swindon LeopardsEngland U16 1126321446
2005-2006Swindon LeopardsEngland U16 1822221537
2005-2006South West U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP44101
2005-2006Swindon WildcatsEPIHL 10000
2004-2005Swindon LeopardsEngland U16 80134
2003-2004South West U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP44101
2001-2002South West U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP410011
2000-2001Midlands U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP56101