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74: Matt Towe

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Matt Towe
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Playing position
Youth team
Sheffield Steelhawks


Matt Towe returns for a fourth season overall with the Giants and his third consecutive season. This season Towe will provide injury cover following the birth of his child and the growth of his business, Cargo Coffee, in the past year.

Towe, 30, first iced for the Giants during the 2012/13 season and re-joined the Giants in 2016 from the Guildford Flames where he posted 28 goals and 88 assists in 109 games played.

Towe scored the game winning goal in the 2017/18 Challenge Cup Final in the famous 6-3 victory in Wales over the Cardiff Devils. The forward has also helped the Giants to two Elite League second place finishes as well as a Playoff Final appearance in 2013. In his four seasons with the Giants, Towe has become a firm fans favourite, posting 15 goals and 41 assists in 193 games.

Playing History

2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL 10000
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP00000
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS20000
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL 54641115
2015-2016Guildford FlamesEPIHL PLAYOFFS44033
2015-2016Guildford FlamesEPIHL 5530153954
2014-2015Guildford FlamesEng. Chal. Cup CUP6061218
2014-2015Guildford FlamesEPIHL PLAYOFFS20011
2014-2015Guildford FlamesEPIHL 4862134558
2013-2014Glasgow ClanEIHL 5226151530
2013-2014Glasgow ClanEIHL Cup CUP106246
2013-2014Glasgow ClanEIHL PLAYOFFS42101
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL 512761016
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP124134
2011-2012Guildford FlamesEPIHL 3816103141
2011-2012Guildford FlamesEPIHL PLAYOFFS32202
2011-2012Guildford FlamesEPIHL Cup CUP40235
2010-2011Guildford FlamesEPIHL 5428166177
2009-2010Cardiff DevilsEIHL 562771421
2009-2010Great BritainWC D1 50000
2008-2009Cardiff DevilsEIHL Cup CUP40112
2008-2009Cardiff DevilsEIHL 542241519
2008-2009Cardiff DevilsEIHL PLAYOFFS32101
2007-2008Cardiff DevilsEIHL Cup CUP64213
2007-2008Cardiff DevilsEIHL KO Cup CUP20000
2007-2008Cardiff DevilsEIHL 52244913
2007-2008Cardiff DevilsEIHL PLAYOFFS32011
2006-2007Sheffield ScimitarsEPIHL 4038203555
2006-2007Sheffield ScimitarsEPIHL Cup CUP684711
2006-2007Sheffield SteelersEIHL KO Cup CUP10000
2006-2007Sheffield SteelersEIHL 30000
2006-2007Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1 52022
2005-2006Great Britain U20WJC-20 D2 52369
2005-2006Sheffield ScimitarsEPIHL 308121325
2005-2006Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2 40156
2005-2006Peterborough PhantomsEPIHL Cup CUP10224
2004-2005Midlands U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP44011
2004-2005Telford TigersEPIHL Cup CUP110448
2004-2005Telford TigersEPIHL 251641115
2004-2005Telford Tigers U18England U19 1410251237
2004-2005Great Britain U18WJC-18 D1 412000
2003-2004Midlands U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP40011
2003-2004Telford TigersEPIHL 182145
2003-2004Telford TigersEPIHL PLAYOFFS10000
2003-2004Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2 50011
2002-2003Sheffield StormersEngland U16 1488816
2002-2003Midlands U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP40224
2001-2002Midlands U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP42134
2001-2002Sheffield StormersEngland U16 110213
2000-2001Midlands U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP528246