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95: Patryk Wronka

Vital Statistics Photo + stats provided by — last updated: 2019-05-26

Patryk Wronka
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Playing position
Youth team
MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ


Wronka joined from GKS Katowice and completed his 2018/19 season playing for Poland in the World Championship.

Wronka, 23, finished the World Championship with two goals and three assists which saw him awarded the Forward of the Tournament for 2019.

Giants fans are familiar with Patryk Wronka – having seen the forward in action for GKS Katowice during the 2018/19 Continental Cup as the Polish side advanced from the Semi-Final round in November and clinched the Bronze Medal in January’s Final with both rounds hosted in Belfast.

Wronka has been with GKS Katowice since 2017/18 – posting 38 goals and 98 assists in 104 games played. Wronka helped the Polish organisation to the Bronze Medal and Silver Medal in 2017/18 and 2018/19 respectively. Last season, the forward led the standings for Most Assists and Most Points as well as the Most Assists in the Playoffs.

Playing History

2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL 00000
2018-2019GKS KatowiceContinental Cup CUP60022
2018-2019GKS KatowicePoland 418213455
2018-2019PolandWC D1B 52235
2018-2019Poland (all)International 94257
2018-2019GKS KatowicePoland PLAYOFFS16421315
2017-2018Poland (all)International 72066
2017-2018GKS KatowicePoland 3316113445
2017-2018GKS KatowicePoland PLAYOFFS14841014
2016-2017Orli ZnojmoEBEL PLAYOFFS10000
2016-2017Poland (all)International 164167
2016-2017Orli ZnojmoEBEL 48441014
2016-2017Orli ZnojmoChampions HL CUP20011
2016-2017PolandOGQ 32022
2016-2017PolandWC D1A 50022
2015-2016Podhale Nowy TargPoland 4216132942
2015-2016Poland (all)International 1463710
2015-2016PolandOGQ 30123
2015-2016Podhale Nowy TargPoland PLAYOFFS1265611
2015-2016PolandWC D1A 50134
2014-2015Podhale Nowy Targ U20Poland U20 647916
2014-2015Podhale Nowy TargPoland 411091221
2014-2015Podhale Nowy TargPoland PLAYOFFS94336
2014-2015Poland (all)International 30000
2014-2015Poland U20WJC-20 D1B 52257
2013-2014Poland U20WJC-20 D1A 50123
2013-2014Podhale Nowy TargPoland 462082230
2012-2013Poland U18WJC-18 D1B 50000
2012-2013Podhale Nowy Targ U18Poland U18 00000
2012-2013Podhale Nowy TargPoland2 80235
2011-2012Podhale Nowy Targ U18Poland U18 00000
2010-2011Podhale Nowy Targ U16Poland U16 00000
2008-2009Podhale Nowy Targ U14Poland U14 00000